Nineteen sixty-two, a banner year for central Kansas. Three Baptist churches were started that year in central Kansas: Bible Baptist Church in Abilene, Manchester Baptist Church in Manchester, and Grace Baptist Church planted in Chapman Kansas. October nineteen sixty-two Grace Baptist Church started at a country home in Chapman. It was said by some that “It would not live through the year.” By the grace of God she grew and moved to the “Mother and Me” material shop on Marshall Street. Grace Baptist Church finally got its own building and now resides at 117 East Third Street in Chapman Kansas. October two-thousand and seven, marked forty-five years for Grace Baptist Church: and a precious handful of charter members still remain, charting the course for the future and for eternity.

For 32 years, from nineteen seventy-five until March 31, 2008,  Grace Baptist Church was led by Pastor E. Allen Course.  April 1, 2008 the church received her new pastor Bryan Reeves —and steadfastly marched on. June 2008 saw a major tornado pass through Chapman that severely damaged the building —but the Church stood fast holding services the next Sunday under the shade trees and for the next several months at two different locations until a new building could be completed. After nearly one year Grace Baptist Church had services in the new facility on February 15th 2009.

We still walk in the old-time ways with traditional soul stirring hymns of the faith and challenging practical messages from the Word of God. We strive to have a well ordered service that is conducive to worship and inspires great respect for God and the Bible.

From when the Church was founded until now

There is nothing that makes us love a man so much as praying for him.

— William Law

Grace Baptist


117 E Third St

Chapman, KS 67431

Pastor Bryan Reeves


(785)-717– 5323